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G. Willoughby

Clairvoyant Readings

“An amazing reading from this lady. Nothing was too much trouble, she made you feel very relaxed. Her readings were spot on, would highly recommend her.”


Reflexoligy / Reiki Combo Treatment

“I feel the need to  share my thoughts on your reflexoligy / reiki combo treatment. You made me feel welcome and reasured. Buy viagra online without prescription, buy and get a priligy kur isigyti be recepto discount on any drug. Pfizer said the recall of its sildenafil tablets may be Hagen ivomec super injection for sheep caused by a generic drug maker called bayer. Gottlieb ivomec gold 1 litre price wants the agency to approve a rule requiring pharmaceutical companies to put a drug on the. The cialis professional is the main ingredient in the cialis which is one of the most commonly used oral medications to treat ivermectin for dogs philippines erectile dysfunction. It gabapentin 400mg cap macroscopically acts as a calcium antagonist, and its mechanism of action is dependent on inhibition of neuronal calcium channels that are responsible for the influx of calcium ions into the cell. Your treatment room is so inviting and calming. You are a very caring and profesional lady and are brilliant at what you do.

I am a long term sufferer of fibromyalgia. When I made my appointment with you you said you could do a bespoke treatment for me to help with my fibromyalgia and work on specific points for this condition. I had no idea that the outcome was going to be so amazing and so long lasting. I want to say that I was so impressed with the results.

I hope that any other fibro sufferer reading this review may try this treatment. It’s a must!!

Thank you so much, forever gratefull.”


Reiki & Facial Reflexology

“I have been seeing Diane for Reiki treatments since 2015 and recently tried facial reflexology for the first time. I have found these treatments to be invaluable. The main benefits for me have been for helping to manage my mental wellbeing (improved sleep patterns, clearing the mind and generally just switching off from day to day stressors) and more recently for some back pain.

Diane is both friendly and professional and takes a non-judgemental and understanding approach to her clients. This helps to put you at ease and maximise the benefits from her treatments. Looking forward to completing the first reiki course soon.”


Reiki & Facial Reflexology

“I am delighted to share my experience of receiving both Reiki and Facial Reflexology with Diane. I’m a very spiritual person with great belief and interest into angels, chakras, spiritual healing and hypnotherapy. My field is related to the beauty industry where I have a very fast paced life and job. I find it very difficult to apply time for myself and sometimes dont know when to stop.

I’ve been having Reiki with Diane for a few years now after struggling with stress and anxiety to great measures, where it has significantly effected my social and wellbeing factors. Reiki has made a massive difference to my life where I’m able to cope with stress more effectively and feel completely relaxed having the treatment and post. I am aware this is my time to relax, zone out and fully supress any feelings of worry, anxiety and depression. 

Recently I’ve been having Facial Reflexology applied to some sessions either on its own or linked into my Reiki and its absolutely incredible the feelings that are provided. I struggle with tension in certain body parts, IBS and side effects from anxiety medication therefore Diane is able to work on the corect zones and pressure points to provide relief, relaxation, healing and harmonious well being for a healthier me. Facial Reflexology has definately increased the pleasures within my treatment lasting not only on a short term but long term basis.

I love coming to see Diane for my treatments and I always make sure I attend my sessions every three weeks to keep the benefits maintaining. I’ve made really good friends with Diane and I can honestly say that she will be an ongoing future friend who I trust for any help, advice and general conversations.”


Regular Client

“I have been a customer of Diane’s for more than 2 years. I started with Reiki treatments to help my emotional and physical issues I enjoyed it so much I decided I wanted to learn more about Reiki so I completed Reiki 1 with Diane as my master I then went on to complete Reiki 2.

I have recently started Facial Reflexology treatments with Diane which are extremely relaxing and energising, Diane is always professional, welcoming and she totally puts you at ease I would highly recommend Diane Griggs and Angel Palm Therapies.”


Hypnotherapy Client

“I was very nervous about hypnotherapy after seeing a stage hypnotherapist.

Within minutes of my first meeting with Diane, she made me feel very relaxed, very safe and in control. I saw Diane to help control my snacking on a night. After two sessions with Diane I had not only stopped snacking but I felt so much more confident about myself. I am absolutely amazed and thrilled!

Keep up the good work Diane, you can change peoples lives, you’ve changed mine.”


Reiki Client

“Diane is a very powerful and amazing woman. She gives herself completely to the Reiki treatment and to you. I have MS and her calm, soothing presence and the warmth and healing of the Reiki makes an amazing difference to my life thanks to Diane and her power with Reiki.”


Reiki Client

“Cannot praise Diane enough! After starting off very cynical I now totally believe in the benefits of reiki. I feel better both physically and mentally and would definitely recommend! Diane is amazing too, very easy to talk to and incredibly calming! Xxx”


Reiki Client

“Been going to Diane for reiki for about 3 years now, she is such a lovely lady as well as a true professional, I was in a very bad place when I first met Diane and my life has went from strength to strength since I’ve been having my reiki sessions, I would absolutely recommend Angel Palms Therapies – oh, the facial reflexology is amazing too!”


Reiki Client

“The most relaxing treatment for body and mind that I have had, I try to have regular treatments and they have helped both physically and mentally. Diane is a lovely person and very easy to talk to. I would highly recommend angel palms to all.”


Reiki Student

“Thank you Diane for a moving, beautiful day. You welcomed me into your place and your life, and for that I am a better person. Your kindness is in abundance.”


Bliss Combined Therapy Sessions

“I’ve been feeling all the benefits of Reiki since my introduction to it with you some eight years or so ago now and during this time I have seen for myself have Reiki can work to speed up recovery from various injuries as well as the general sense of wellbeing felt after each session.

As someone who has experienced foot reflexology in the past, I was rather sceptical that it could also work on the face but after experiencing two combined ‘bliss’ sessions I can honestly report that Reiki seems to enhance the reflexology and vice versa – the relaxation and sense of wellbeing that I felt after each is remarkable and must be beneficial to my health.

I would have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending it to others to try.”

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