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Past Life Regression in Durham

We provide Past Life Regression in Durham. Have you ever had the feeling that you have lived before? Maybe in a different era or place? Through hypnosis you can go back to a lifetime you lived previous to this one. It’s a fascinating experience and can also help you with any issues you may have in your life today. It’s once in a life time journey, in a warm, safe and secured environment.

Q. What can I expect to happen during Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy session?

A. Past Life Regression is achieved through hypnosis, therefore you will be guided through deep relaxation into a hypnotic state. When you successfully enter your past life you will be asked a serious of questions to which you can reply. This enables the hypnotherapist to follow and guide you through the experience. Past Life Regression is not to be taken lightly as until you enter your previous life neither you nor the hypnotherapist have any prior knowledge of events during that lifetime.

Please rest assured that you will always be safe and secure and the past life experience is simply an exercise in remembering. Sessions are recorded and a CD is provided. So if you are curious to find out who you were in the past why not book now for unique experience?

Past Life Regression Hypnosis cannot be guaranteed, I am willing to guide you there, if you are willing to take the journey.

Past Life Regression: £50 (60 minutes)

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