Aromatherapy, Reflexology – Feet & Hands in Durham

Aromatherapy, Reflexology – Feet & Hands

The treatments below are with Judith Hope

Swedish Body Massage

Massage is well known to have beneficial effects on each system of the body. For example, one effect of massage on the skeletal system is that there is an increase in the blood supply to the bones and this in turn nourishes the joints. An effect of massage on the muscular system is the elimination of toxins and waste products in the muscle tissue such as lactic acid. Ultimately, massage alleviates stress, tension and produces a sense of well-being. This massage is based on Swedish Massage techniques and is carried out using a carrier oil such as Grapeseed or Sweet Almond and can be either invigorating or relaxing.


Essential oils are known to have therapeutic properties such as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, sedative and stimulating. For example, Rosemary can alleviate muscular aches and tension; Neroli is reputed to alleviate depression and stress and Frankincense has the ability to strengthen the skin and improves its tone and elasticity. During the consultation up to three essential oils will be selected and blended with a carrier oil to meet with the client’s specific requirements and applied to the client during a luxurious soothing massage.


During a treatment pressure is applied using thumb or finger walking techniques to minute reflex points on the feet or hands. Such reflex points are related to specific areas within the body. For example, the reflexology chart I use the big toe represents the head, the backs of the 4 smaller toes are the sinuses and the inside of the foot is the spine. By applying pressure to particular reflex points, any congestion, inflammation or tension in the corresponding area in the body can be alleviated. Reflexology is a very relaxing experience and by having regular treatments can ultimately help the body to heal and function more effectively.

The Combo

Having one holistic therapy treatment is lovely but imagine having two treatments during the same appointment. This is where the Combo comes into its own. A Combo treatment lasts for 90 minutes and is offered at a special discounted price. A popular Combo is one hour of reflexology followed by a 30 minutes back, neck and shoulders massage.

“Just had the best ever reflexology treatment off Judith. What a lovely experience which has left me feeling so relaxed and so well.”

August 2019 Jackie

“I have had reflexology from Judith for several years. She is brilliant and I can definitely recommend her. You certainly won’t be disappointed. Her new premises at Angel Palms Therapies are lovely and really accessible.”

August 2019 Maureen

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