Bliss Combo Treatment

Bliss Combo Treatment

When I first introduced Facial Reflexology into my practice I gave taster sessions to some of my regular clients during their Reiki sessions and from their positive feedback concluded that Facial Reflexology and Reiki when combined in one session was very beneficial and the ultimate healing process, from this comes the Bliss Combo Treatment.

The Bliss Combo Treatment includes:

45 minutes Reiki

45 minutes Facial Reflexology

The session begins with 15 minutes of Reiki to the shoulders and head, followed by a full Facial Reflexology treatment lasting 45 minutes and then 30 minutes of Reiki on the body. The Bliss Combo Treatment provides extreme relaxation and a sense of inner peace and harmony. Feeling refreshed afterwards and also great for your skin as circulation is stimulated.

Bliss Combo Treatment: £50 (90 minutes)

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